A woman is a beautiful creature which admires beauty things in this world such as diamonds, gold, branded shoes and bags, an Armani gown, luxury cosmetics, and magical hairstyle. Being beauty is a natural woman needs. The world is our runway and we always want to stand out.

One of the most important thing for women is hair. This is the crown that every woman has. It needs a special hairstyle for your stunning appearance. Beehive hairstyle will be your best choice to look gorgeous in many occasion.

Beehive hairstyle was starting being famous in 1960s, but we can say that beehive hairstyle is a kind of legendary hairstyle which can pass through so many decades and keep being chosen as the best hairstyle ever for women. Let us find out more about beehive hairstyle.

1. The story of beehive hairstyle

If you are aware of women with big hair on their head especially in 60s, or you remember the Boeing B-52 airplane, then you are close enough with what we call beehive hairstyle. Long hair will be piled up in a conical shape on the top of head, then it will give you a beautiful and neat effect to your head and face. Beehive hairstyle as mentioned above, also known as the B-52, because the big head looks like the nose of the Boeing B-52 airplane.

The first woman who developed beehive hairstyle was Margaret Vinci Heldt from Elmhurst, Illinois. She was an owner of the Margaret Vinci Coiffures in downtown Chicago and the winner of the National Coiffure Championship in 1954. At that time, she was also asked by the editors of Modern Beauty Salon Magazine, which was a famous magazine at that time, to design the new hairstyle for the coming decade. Then, in 1960 she came up with beehive hairstyle.

In fact, beehive hairstyle is the new hairstyle which come from the previous hairstyle that is bouffant. Bouffant itself was famous in 1950s. Life magazine in United States called it as aristocratic’ European look. Then, The First Lady, Jacky O adopted the hairstyle and make it more popular. But the question now, what is truly the difference between beehive hairstyle and bouffant?

2. The difference between beehive hairstyle and bouffant

Bouffant hairstyle is about put your long hair to the top of your head, give it volume using a comb and make it to be a pouf, then you can take some hair to hang down on the side of the head.

While beehive hair style has bigger bump of hair on the top of your head, all wrapped-out neatly, without any hair hanging down on the side of your head. This hairstyle needs more volume, the roller and hairspray than bouffant hairstyle.

You can watch this short video John Frieda

3. How to do a beehive hairstyle

Definitely going to your hairstylist is the easiest way if you want to have beehive hairstyle. But there are some occasion that we do not have enough time to do it, while we still want to have stunning hairstyle, such as special dinner or a little party, then it is better for you to know how to do a beehive hairstyle yourself. Just follow these easy 3 steps for a beautiful beehive hairstyle.

1. Dry your hair.

Some people said that it is better to not washing your hair before you do the beehive hairstyle, it maybe to avoid your hair becomes too smooth to be organized. But it depends on your hair types, and the most important thing is that you should make your hair dry first.

2. Prepare the tools

You need a comb, some hairpins, and hairspray.

3. Divide your hair into 3 section

You should take your hair in the front part of your hair, then divide it based on your left side and right side, and then use hairpin to separate those part from the middle hair.

4. Backcomb your middle hair

This is the most important part in beehive hairstyle. You should backcomb your middle hair very carefully to give volume to your hair. Backcomb actually is combing your hair back and forth from near the root of your hair to your hair ends. The big of the bun depends on this process.

5. Tie your hair neatly

After the middle hair has volume, then comb your hair carefully, follow the shape of the bun, and then below of the bun, use some hairpin to bind tightly the hair ends. Do not forget to create a little beautiful circle using the hair ends.

6. Backcomb and tie your hair side

Then, backcomb as well your hair in left and right side, but you do not need to give a big volume for these parts, because beehive hairstyle is all about big head on the top of your head, right? After that, tie your hair inside the big bun.

7. Use hairspray

If you want to keep the beehive hairstyle longer, than you should use hairspray to keep it well.

4. Types of beehive hairstyle

Though the difference between beehive hairstyle and bouffant is lied on the hair all wrapped out in beehive and some hair hanging down in bouffant, but later on beehive hairstyle has some innovation and let some hair hanging down as well, then it makes that hairstyle having some types:

  1. Beehive braid
  2. Classic beehive
  3. Beehive bun
  4. Puffed up beehive
  5. Casual beehive
  6. Fringed beehive
  7. Beehive side pony
  8. Jewelled beehive
  9. Beehive top knot

5. Celebrities with beehive hair

These are the celebrities who ever had beehive hair. They can be your good inspiration when you want to do beehive hairstyle.

  1. Audrey Hepburn in 1961
  2. Barbra Streisand in 1964
  3. Jennifer Lopez in 2005
  4. Amy Winehouse in 2007
  5. 5. Beyonce in 20018

Fun Fact about beehive hairstyle

Somehow the big bun on the top of our head is very potential to be a joke. In popular culture, beehive hairstyle was mocked by the rock band named the B-52s which was popular in 80s, and it was mocked in the Broadway musical movie entitled Hairspray’.