Keeping a man interested is not difficult, if you know what you're doing. Whether you have been in the guy's life for one month or ten years, there is some tried and true ways to make him want you.

1) Be Mysterious

According to an article in Cosmopolitan, it is important to avoid oversharing about every little detail of your life. Make conversation meaningful and interesting. Spare him the play by play of the latest debate you had with your mother about contestants on your favorite reality show.

Men generally find idle conversation, especially complaining and negative comments, boring and will want to avoid being subjected to it.

2) Stay Alluring To Other Men

Nothing piques a man's interest more than another man's attention to you. Your guy may say he loves that you don't fuss with your appearance, but that's hard to believe when he's ogling the restaurant hostess in stiletto heels, wearing flaming red lipstick. 

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Spend a little money on professional highlights or that sexy miniskirt. Be one of the girls who turns heads and see how fast your man will beam with pride and want you all the more because you are desired by others. A little harmless flirting is fine, and lets him know you are with him because you want to be, not because no one else would want you.

3) Give Him Space

An interesting article by Dr. Nerdlove, explains why getting enough space in a relationship is important for both parties. Just because you are in a loving partnership, you should not expect to have mutual experiences every minute of every day.

Having quality alone time helps your man recharge his batteries and pursue interests and relationships with friends he had before you were a couple. The more you cling to a man and complain about him wanting space, the more he will crave spending time away from you.

Conversely, if you use the time he spends away from you to engage with your own friends and interests, the more he will look forward to seeing you again. Nothing turns people off like needy, desperate behavior. It is important not to neglect your friends, career or hobbies.

No man, no matter how amazing, can be your whole world. You need interaction with the satellite people in your life to keep yourself interested and consequently more interesting to him.

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4) Be Positive

Sure, his mother might be quite annoying, but you don't have to harp on that fact. Be pleasant to people in his life and treat them with respect. They will see you as "good for him" and compliment him on his great choice of partner, instead of trying to talk him out of being with you.

It's important to also be pleasant to his old friends, especially if you want your relationship to move forward to a deeper commitment. You can bet that if he is thinking of popping the question, his buddies will probably know before you do.

Conversely, if you have people in your life, whether on your side or his side, who are trying to sabotage your relationship, stay positive and act like their pettiness doesn't bother you, even though of course it does. If you get upset and throw dramatic fits, you may only succeed in helping the potential saboteur.

5) Be a Good Listener

Nothing turns a man on like having a woman actively listen with her whole being. Looking deeply into his eyes and nodding your pretty head while leaning in close promotes intimacy and gives his self-confidence the boost it may sorely need after a bad day at the office. Show you are paying attention by asking questions, and offering reassurance as appropriate.

According to an article in US News Health, checking your phone, sending texts, or butting in with your own story hurts the other's feelings and discourages communication. Be his captive audience and you may win his heart for life. Everyone needs to feel special, and if he's the right man, he will offer you the same loving attention.

6) Have a Sense of Humor

You don't have to be a comedienne, but being able to roll with life's little mishaps and ironies makes you an attractive person to be around. As popular as "divas" may be on TV, in real life they are perceived by men as a drag, no matter how pretty they are.

Men love a woman who "gets" them, and will find humor in an awkward situation, like toilet paper stuck to his shoe as he walks back to your table at a restaurant.

Every woman can use these tips to keep a man interested. Just remember to be confident, positive, interested, and friendly--in other words, your best self.