Hi, my name is Casey. I am a mom of two cute twins and live happily with my husband in Carson City, Nevada. I started ALovingDay.com with the sole purpose of promoting love and happiness and teach people how to lead a balanced and healthy life.

It is very easy to get trapped in the common beliefs of what a love and happiness is. Some people believe that love is having a significant other and being able to share with him or her everything and that amounts to happiness.

While this might be true, love is so much more than that. Love is making someone else happy, loving what you see in the mirror and generally feeling at home in the world.

A Loving Day tries to remind our fans what love is and in the process make a difference in someone’s day. There are several things one can get from our page.

Relationships are never easy but they are worth working on. We share quotes, images, videos and articles giving advice on different and common relationship concerns that most people have. We like to interact and provide our readers with the kind of information they need.

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The other thing you will find on our site is relationship tips. We believe that a relationship has a great chance of becoming long term if both parties make the effort to be better spouses.

We give simple every day tips that can easily be implemented to spice things up in your relationship. The best thing about the tips we offer is the fact that they are very simple and very effective.

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We also like to emphasize self-love at A Loving Day. Loving yourself is one way to ensure lasting relationships. As they say, you cannot love anyone else if you have not mastered the art of loving yourself.

For this reason, you will find a lot of quotes on loving yourself and how to make sure you are in a relationship that allows you to be yourself all the time.

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