Most teens love to socialize with their peers. However, others choose to keep to themselves because they are too shy when it comes to initiating or participating in a conversation with others. Teenage is a time when kids undergo emotional, physical and intellectual changes. Conversation is just one of those elements that mark a big part of their development stages.

The best conversation starters for teens (random topics)

During teenage years, one is neither an adult or child. This brings the confusion of not knowing how to talk, think or behave in relation to the situation and surrounding. In fact, all this can have an impact on how well or poor they socialize with one another.

Saying a simple ''Hello'' is often a polite way of starting a conversation. You could also say ''Excuse me'' when you want to attract attention.

Unfortunately, every teen must learn to participate in conversations, whether they are doing so with a peer or an adult. If they don't learn this skill, they will soon find themselves without friends, and this could lead them into another lonely world they do not want to venture into.

The following are good discussion topics for teenagers

(a) Favorite TV shows

In a world where TV reigns, every teenager out there has a TV program they love. There are certainly too many topics under the sun to talk about where TV shows are concerned, and so this should make a good conversation starter between teens and also their parents as well.

(b) Favorite hobby

Like TV programs, every teen has a hobby they like, whether that is reading books, playing video games and so on.

Harry Porter series of books are a nice collection for teens of all ages to read. If a teenager loves reading, chances are that they will come across their peers who love reading as well. And seeing that they share common liking, they can go on endlessly discussing what they've read in their favorite books. It kills time.

(c) Favorite music

Music appeals to people of all ages, and so do the artists who sing them. It's very common to find teens discussing their favorite rock band. Such topics make good conversation starters, especially in situations where a hit song is playing in the background.

Good conversation starters for friends

(a) The most embarrassing moment in life

Everyone has had at least one embarrassing moment they will never wish to go through again. Most teens recall their first day in school and how it was like. They can also pinpoint the exact situations they've been into that made them suffer embarrassment as a result of their own action or the action of someone else. The good thing is that most people will be willing to talk about these moments.

(b) Questions on how strict parents are

Teens seem to be amazed at discussing their parents with their peers. They will always talk about time deadlines their parents have imposed on returning from parties, when school work should be completed and so on.

Because such topics tend to lead to other topics, it's a good way to start and sustain a conversation between two teens in the long run.

(c) Life changing questions

Young people love to dream big. They dream of winning a lottery, owning a luxurious house, and basically living a life that doesn't have financial limitations.

Everyone reflects their ideals at some point in life. But the fantasy is more intense during youthful years than in adult years. So any life changing topic will keep two teens conversing endlessly.

Conversation starters for teens including those with autism

Saying a simple ''Hello'' is often a polite way of starting a conversation. You could also say ''Excuse me'' when you want to attract attention.

Teenage is a time when kids undergo emotional, physical and intellectual changes. Click To Tweet

Also, what you say depends on the situation at hand and the person you want to talk to. Saying ''Hi'' to a friend is appropriate. Saying ''Hello'' to a teacher is better.

It's always good to start a conversation using something general as opposed to a particular topic. For instance, when greetings have been exchanged, perhaps you could make a quick statement about the day's weather pattern, what the week has been like and so on. Chances are that the other person will respond with something of similar interest, and so you can pick it up from there.

Things to remember

General topics to talk about include school work, TV programs, sports, future goals and many more. Building on a general topic will always work in most cases. However, one should avoid criticism topics or questions that penetrate the private space of another. Do not be inquisitive on how much money someone is making (unless they bring up the topic.