In the vast dating scenario, everyone is free to date whoever they wish to date regardless of how old they are. However, this is just an ideal that is far from reality. The society still hasn't accepted a 19-year old girl dating a grandpa.

So when a woman goes ahead to get themselves a man who is 20-years older, people begin thinking something is weird. Others think this older man is a creepy creature who must be suffering from ''daddy issues''.

Finally, the last lot of observers strongly believes that this is a sex-starved fellow who needs fulfillment in younger women, while the girl he's dating only wants his wallet in exchange.

The fact is, this is a pretty dark view that most of us know nothing about, and this explains why people have various views and opinion on the subject matter.

A quick note on why dating an older man should never be judged anyway

Throughout human history, women have always been expected to date an older guy, not only in terms of age, but also in terms of financial maturity.

You probably don't need to look further beyond your grandparents to understand age-gaps that would be viewed as scandalous in this day.

Chances are that this man has a 21 year old son living with him at home. Probably his cute kids are closer to your age than their dad is. However, you're not yet prepared to earn the title of ''Ma'am'', especially when used at you by a man who is your age.

Women wanted financial security, while men wanted a bride that could give them desirable offspring. But thanks to the current medical advances that have seen people living longer and having kids at a mature age. Finances or fertility don't matter anymore.

But here's the problem. The society thinks the ideal guy should be in his 20s. On the other hand, young girls think dating should be free from the rules or ideals of the society.

So the bottom line is this; if you're a woman who has found herself dating an older man for whatever reason, you will enjoy certain advantages and suffer pitfalls as well.

Chances are that your older boyfriend has a good job and he's settled too. He probably has a home of his own at that age, plus his bank account is in good standing (with your needs).

Those are a few privileges that you will enjoy having. But the pitfalls can leave you in a sorry state, and as you'll see in our list of 5 problems of dating an older guy, they can be pretty serious.

Dating a man who is 20 years older? You need to take note of the following things:

1. Dated Vocabulary

Believe it or not, if you're going to date a 50-something year old man, you'll have to put up with dated vocabulary every time they open their mouth to speak. For example, when this man refers to sex, they talk of ''knocking boots'' or ''getting busy''. This is a turn-off especially when such phrases are used on the first date.

Also, the idiosyncrasy that will drive you nuts is when they use certain terms when shouting or cursing. It's very common to hear these guys shouting ''boo-yeah'' when making funny statements that sometimes you won't find humorous. Just by being around them, you will feel like you're re-living in a world of mediocre phrases that were a hit in 1986.

2. Throw-back fashion

Their wardrobe will leave you traumatized. The man you're dating probably ceased to update his wardrobe at the time when Rocawear cargo jeans were a hit. Their pair of jeans trouser has odd patches, stitching and random rips here and there. Such things make a modern denim look ugly and, to some extent, embarrassing.


You can watch this short video from about dating an older man.

3. Awkward haircut

The reason why you're dating an older man is because you're an open-minded woman, and so you don't mind experimenting new ideas. You might be lucky to have an older guy who dresses relatively well. But when it comes to the haircut department, prepare to face disappointments.

Matured guys love flattops with short hair on the side and full on the top. Whatever haircut they try, there's this thing that will always keep them aiming at played-out style, something that is similar to this .

4. Medication

When you finally get over his wardrobe and funny haircut, you realize that he has medicine bottles that have strange names on the label. It's hard to figure out what half of his medicine cabinet is made of.

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But when you Google the name of the medication you find in his cabinet, you realize that this man is suffering from diseases that are typical with men in their 50s. You realize that this guy suffered from prostate enlargement, hence the medicine he's keeping in his cabinet.

The fact is, humanity is in a constant state of decay. So when men reach a certain age, they tend to develop diseases that a 20-something year old girlfriend won't be ready to deal with.

5. Grown up kids

Chances are that this man has a 21 year old son living with him at home. Probably his cute kids are closer to your age than their dad is. However, you're not yet prepared to earn the title of ''Ma'am'', especially when used at you by a man who is your age.

These are real problems you'll probably deal with when dating an older man. This list highlighted what to expect when getting into this kind of a relationship. Prepare yourself by knowing the shortcomings of dating an older man, so when you jump into a relationship with them, you won't say you were not warned.

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