Your ex might have left you or you might have went away from them. Now that you two are apart you are either missing them dearly or you have accepted their departure and moved on with your life. However, your ex lover might be missing you. If you have broken up with a former person that you loved, liked and/or really cared about; chances are you two can get back together. Sometimes you have let people go to get them back in the future. Here is a proven way to know does my ex still like me. The truth is that your ex probably needs you in their life more than they care to admit.

Your Ex Does not Erase you from their Life

When most people want to get over another person they completely cut them off. However, if a person is keeping their ex-boyfriend (girlfriend's) contact information, personal belongings or pictures lying around; then chances are they never completely made a break from them at all. Keep in mind that you probably feel the same way. Especially, after you just break up with someone. A person will eventually have to get rid of their ex's past information and belongings at some point in time. If this does not happen with them; chances are they want you back in their life.

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Your Ex Stills Keeps in Touch with your Family and Friends

If you been with your ex long enough chances are they will have developed some type of relationship with your family members and/or friends. This is not an uncommon thing. If you break up with your ex and they are still talking to your parents or staying in touch with your siblings; it is safe to say they still want to be involved with you. Remember that most people do not stay in touch with other people's family members once they part. If this is the case with your ex, then you might still be able to get back with them.

Their Mouth Says No but their Body is Saying Yes

When people do not want to be together they usually show it in their words and actions. If your ex is cringing or becoming angry or defensive when you are around; chances are they do not want to be with you anymore. If they are looking at you with wonder, hesitation or in an approving way; they more than likely want you back. Sometimes a person's mouth can be saying no but their body language can be saying yes. Pick up on your ex's body language to figure out if you two can be around each other again. Keep in mind that your ex's positive response to you might be from the good times that you guys shared in the past. This will not always mean that a person showing good signs with their body language wants you in their life.

Is your Ex Frequently Staying in Touch with You

This particular sign that your ex wants you back is similar to the one about staying in touch with your family and friends. The difference between this one and the one previously mentioned has to do with your ex staying in direct touch with you. Most people that break up do not call each other to see how they are doing or what is going on. This is good if two people can end a relationship in this way. Most people just do not have this type of bond. So, if your ex is okay with calling you up, messaging you on your social network profile or texting you; then they probably still want you around in their life.

A Single Touch Says a Thousand Words

When you get around or ex does he or she touch you? Do they make it a point to scoot in next to you or even hug you longer than what they should? If they are performing some or more of these different types of behaviors then chances are they want you back. A lot of couples have a bond that goes beyond speaking and being around each other. Most couples like to be intimate with each other. They hold each others hands, cuddle, kiss and even make love. If your ex wants to do any of those things with you then chances are they want to be with again.

You Two have a Kid Together

Breaking up with your lover is difficult to deal with. However, when a child is involved it can become more complex. Children complicate things tremendously and in many instances it might be wiser for two people to stay together when they have one. Child support, visitations and the separation of a family unit is not easy on any person that is unfortunate enough to deal with this situation.

If your ex is okay with calling you up, messaging you on your social network profile or texting you; then they probably still want you around in their life.

One of the best ways for ex's with kids to get back together is to keep their family unit together or to make things easier on the family unit as a whole. The parents in the situation will probably have to make some major changes to change bad behaviors but this can be accomplished. If you and your ex have a child then chances are you will be involved in their lives and will probably be with them once again because of that bond.

Getting back with your ex is not always an easy thing to do but it is not impossible. Former spouses, couples and even casual lovers have managed to come back together after being separated. You do not have to give up hope of never being able to get back with your ex. Just be realistic, level headed and make sure that you are doing your part to make the relationship work again. If you do these things then chances are you might be able to get back your former spouse or partner.