You saw him across the room. He had dreamy eyes, a cute smile, and you had a great time laughing and talking with him at the party. You may have run into him a few times since you met, and you are starting to feel attracted to them.

Before you take a big risk and ask them out, you want to make sure they feel the same way and you won’t be embarrassed by being too forward. But how do you make sure the guy is as interested in you as you are in him? Here are a few tips to help. 

Watch the body language

Unfortunately, there aren’t many guys out there who will come right out and tell you they like you, at least not as quickly as you may like. But often you can catch some subtle hints just in their body language.

Even if the guy is trying to play it cool, they will often give away small tips to show they are interested and want to get to know you better. Some great body language tips you should watch out for include:

Eye contact—if the guy is interested, he will look at you; a lot! Think about it, when you are interested in something at the mall, do you spend a lot of time ignoring the item or look at it nonstop? The same applies to the guy you like.

Leaning forward—guys who are interested will want to be close to you. This includes lots of leaning in.

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What he’s saying to you.

Sometimes, you have to read between the lines to figure out whether a guy is interested or not. He might not come out and say that he likes you, but some subtle words can add up to the same thing.

One thing to look for is whether the guy is talking about himself. This shows that he is trying to impress you by how great he is and will happen often if you are talking to another guy.

Also check and see if he is paying a lot of attention to you and asking questions. A guy would not invest himself with a lot of questions or want to get to know you that much if he had no interest in you in the first place.

Actions speak louder than words

While words can tell you a lot, his actions will tell you even more. If you spend some time with this guy, check and see how he reacts to others. In most cases, if the guy likes you, there is a noticeable difference in the way he treats you compared to how he treats others he is around.

He may act more like a gentleman around you and then loosen up more around his friends; he does this because he is trying to impress you but he already has his friends on his side. When a guy does this around you, it is a good sign.

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Does he want to talk for hours and never wants you to go when you're done? He is probably interested in this relationship.

Has his interests changed?

This does not mean he has completely given up some of the things he enjoyed doing in the past, but he may show some interest in doing activities that you like to do. If you both bonded over a common activity, this might not seem so out of the normal.

Look instead at activities that he never expressed an interest in or ones he specifically said he didn’t like to do. The guy is choosing to do these because he is interested in you, not because he really wants to watch that girly movie or go take dancing lessons.

Look for nervousness

When a guy likes you, he sometimes has trouble expressing it. He may worry about impressing you or saying the wrong thing. He may just feel worried that you don’t like him the same.

Just like you may feel a bit nervous around a new crush, he may feel the same. Try to assuage his nervousness so you both can start this new relationship on a happy note!

Watch his friends

You should always watch how his friends treat him after he is around you. If the friends know he has an interest in you, and they will know before you do, they might tease him a bit.

They are going to pick on him a bit and talk about how he has a crush on you. While this is all done in good humor, it is a sign that means that he does have an interest and you should take the first step.

Talking on chat or text

A guy is not going to waste his time texting or chatting with a girl he has no interest in. This would be a waste of time, unless he had a question about a game or the test in school. If he is getting on often and wanting to talk about anything and everything with you, it is likely that he is interested in taking it further. 

Is he always around?

You just met this guy, and now it seems like you see him all over the place. You go to the library and he is there and asking you about a specific book. You go to the store and he seems lost. You go out with friends and he wants to hang out with you as well. 

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Sometimes, a guy is not going to tell you that they are interested. They may be worried about looking ridiculous if you aren’t interested or they are nervous about asking you out. Look through some of these steps though, and you will see whether a guy is interested in you and whether you should take it to the next step.