Makeup is an art and makeup artists are truly artists as they make a simple face look so attractive. modern makeup look products that make a face look clean and flawless are essentially required to play a typical role in accentuating the features of the face. Concealers play an important role in the same.

Be it an occasion or everyday life, a bit of makeup is required to keep the look distinct and clear. Everyone likes to have a bit of makeup, be it for office or for some outing. Women tend to practice makeup for every particular occasion and there variations of makeup depend on the situation. There are different types of makeup based on the occasion too.

For day time, the makeup is needed to be light and subtle while for an evening or night occasion, the makeup in dark tone is more apt. based on the type of clothes one is wearing; the makeup too should be likewise. Else in case of formal wear normal eye makeup or highlighting just the cheek bones or the lips will be absolutely fine. In this case, always keep a makeup kit in your handbag with a cleanser. Whenever you require putting makeup, you can apply it and if it's not required you can just cleanse it off. Give your natural features more highlighting with the proper makeup base.

Before putting up maybelline eyeshadow, you need to clean your face properly and apply a moisturiser and then a layer of foundation later. On it you can apply face powder and dab it properly with makeup brush to spread it evenly on the face. After that you can do your nude eye makeup accordingly based on your liking. The dark circles and other spots on your face can be subsided by applying proper concealer.

Choose a concealer that is a tone lighter to your natural skin tone and fix any skin spot right on the spot. Give your skin that flawless and spotless glow with the right makeup. Don't overdo and be your natural self. Always use branded makeup product and let your skin reflect the beauty through nude makeup base.

Gift your skin the real beauty matte smokey eye and real look through nude makeup which is quite common these days. Through the proper application of foundation and even application of face powder and rouge, one can look appealing and attractive. Let your personality depict a distinct shine with the apt makeup and makeup kit. Always keep your makeup kit well equipped and updated. If you are always worries about hiding that unwanted dark spot on your face, or you hate that scar on your face then use concealers.

Eye makeup is so much more than swiping on a little pink eyeshadow and calling it a day. There is so much more you could do to your eyes so that they stand out better. Whether it is for a normal day at work or for a sophisticated party, your eyes deserve recognition. This article describes how to apply makeup for your eyes in a few easy steps.

One, Two Three

It is best to use more than one color of eye shadow. This is why some eyeshadows are sold in palettes, with enough colors to make one cry (or tear up from an overload of foreign objects in the eye.) You will need at least a nude base color, a main color, highlights and shadows for a full-bodied eye shadow.

Watch this short video to see some different eye makeup looks.

First, apply your nude color. It should match your skin tone as much as possible, if not lighter. Then apply your highlights. It should be a lighter version of either your main color or your nude color. Then add your main color. The placement of your main color matters; you can make your eyes look deep-set or hooded with the right application.

Look up tutorials online to see which application of eyeshadow works best for you. Last comes the shadow color, which is either a darker version of your main color, or a charcoal color. This looks best around the corners of your eyes, but tries not to let too much outside of your main color. If you want, you can use a white eye pencil to accentuate the corners of your eyes.

Express Liner

Eyeliner, especially liquid eyeliner, requires a steady hand and patience to apply. Thus it can be difficult for many people to pull it off. However, there are eyeliner pencils that are easier to apply, and less messy. Many shops also sell stick-on eyeliner, which gives you dramatic eyeliner without all the mess and fuss.

But if you are a liquid liner enthusiast, you can try tightlining. This is a type of eyeliner technique which lets you apply eyeliner between your eyelashes, which gives you a dramatic look while still looking natural. While holding your eye open, dot the spaces in between your eyelash roots with an eyeliner brush. Remember to do this from below. It might take some practice, but you can master it eventually.

Lashes and masks

The first thing you need to do before working on your eyelashes is to warm your eyelash curler with a hair dryer. Set the dryer to warm and hold your curler in front of it for a few minutes. The curl your eyelashes once from below, from the roots, and another time from above. This gives you well-curved eyelashes that give your eyes a bright look that stays on for the entire day.

Make sure your mascara brush is clean before applying. If yournude eye makeup has clumped and dried, don't panic. Use a few drops of eyedrops and mix it in to make your mascara smooth again.

How to apply eye makeup for black women is a question that has been asked over and over again by all women who have a dark complexion. In addition to the blacks and browns, plum and raisin are two rich shades that go well with the Asian skin. There are many good types of mascara in the market today. But before purchasing the mascara, make sure that it is rich in moisturizers. Are you planning to go out for a party tonight?

Are you dreaming to be the most talked about lady over there? This step actually makes the illusion that you've created a perfect line using your liquid eyeliner. Select a second, very light but coordinating shade of eye shadow to use as a highlighter. After the eye base is the most exciting part, which is the application of the eye shadow.

If you are feeling brave enough, shade the bulging area, use a light shadow near lashes only, dark eyeliner on upper and lower lids. Applying eye makeup can be a frightening concept if you are not equipped with the correct knowledge. The best application tip for eye shadow is to use a good bristle brush and not the sponge applicators that come standard with eyeshades. Applying mascara is a very important in knowing how to apply eye makeup correctly.

Another problem that many women face when applying eye-shadow is that it actually falls onto the eyelashes where it is stuck in the mascara. One of the secrets to apply eye makeup like a pro is to use a good eye base. Remember, it is only when you have applied the eye base properly that the eye makeup is going to stay longer. Apply a light shadow over eyelids. Then, shade your lid's outer corner, as well as the crease, with a darker hue. Using eyeliner, for dramatic eyes, there is no need to go for a rainbow of colors. Eyes are regarded as most beautiful feature of a person and they actually reflect one's personality and real self.