Finding a great Valentine gift can be difficult whether you're shopping for a man or woman. Expectations can be high and you don't want to disappoint with a lame gift. It's important to consider the person you're buying for. Do they like practical gifts they can use? Some people want to be pampered with a special gift that they may not buy for themselves, especially for an occasion like Valentine's day.

If you're not sure what to get, the classics like candy, flowers, jewelry and sparkling wine are always great options for most people. The most important aspect of selecting an awesome Valentine gift is to put some thought into it. Don't wait until the last minute and rush out to pick something just to have a gift to give. The following are some statistics on Valentine gift giving along with some great gift suggestions to help you find the best gift for your loved one.

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Whether you're in a long-term relationship or you just started seeing someone, finding a great Valentine gift will help that special someone know that you're thinking of them. A nice card with a handwritten note or poem is a great start and can express your feelings to your Valentine. The most common Valentine gifts like candy, jewelry, roses or teddy bears can be a good option if you're not yet familiar with what your loved one may want.

But always consider their tastes and think of something special so they know you put some thought into it. When selecting a great gift, think ahead and pay attention to what that special someone likes. How much you spend isn't nearly as important as letting them know that you understand them well enough to select a gift they will truly love. If you're feeling completely clueless, a gift card to their favorite store is usually an awesome gift for anyone.

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